Ash Wastes: Refueling Station

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This multipart plastic kit allows you to build a Promethium Tanks Refuelling Station for use as terrain in games of Necromunda. It includes the components for four fuel tanks that can be built in a variety of sizes, complete with platforms for your fighters to scramble over in battle. These tanks can be gluelessly linked in different configurations to suit your gaming needs, and can be combined with other Necromunda terrain kits to create a true outlands waystation. This set also includes a pair of overflow tanks with ladders, and a host of accessories to bring your station to life, such as crates, hoses, and tools. The kit includes: – 4x Promethium Tanks, with interchangeable segments to choose the size of each – 2x Platforms – 2x Overflow Tanks with ladders – 2x Crates, with a choice of contents – 2x Hoses – 4x Wrenches – 4x Blowtorches – 2x Spanner sets This set comprises 78 plastic components. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly Note that some components are intended to be assembled without glue.