ROKR Pink Butterfly

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MI05P Nature is full of mysterious beauty. ROKR will turn its attention to the light and beautiful butterflies, bringing you a new mechanical species- ROKR Mechanical Species Butterfly. One is a mysterious and elegant starry blue; the other is mostly rose pink, giving off a warm and gentle feeling. The butterfly's body is made tough with a material called ABS, and its soft, glittery wings are crafted from flexible PVC. They added fancy champagne-colored patterns using a special printing method, and there's even a sparkly gem on its back, shining in the sunlight. The butterfly lands on a rose twist with vines. Put the butterfly on its base, switch it on, and touch it to watch the wings flap. As the frequency changes, the rose and antennae light up a bit, like they're breathing and coming to life, sparkling in the sunlight. AAA batteries required (not supplied)