ROKR Scorpion Beetle

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MI04 lead your comrades to victory. Its foes will tremble in terror in the face of its highly mechanized transformation. While this war machine retains a classic-shaped left pincer, its right pincer has evolved to a three-claw gripping power arm with a strong core that allows it to utilize different rotation modes to tear apart its enemies. Of course, the highlight is the Emperor Scorpion’s towering tail which is equipped with sharp brass-coloured metal spikes to enhance its melee capability. The blue light on its tail allows it to sting its enemies with amazing precision, while the green light indicates the tail’s lethal neurotoxins that can kill its prey with one hit. The Rokr Emperor Scorpion Model is a DIY 3D puzzle that’s made of ABS polymer, metal, and leather for steampunk aesthetics. With medium difficulty, it’s a great project for teens and adults looking for a cool design paired with a straightforward assembly. Once completed, it’s display-ready as it sits on top of an industrial-style base in all its retrofuturistic glory. Sturdy Steampunk Construction The main body of this battlefield scorpion is made of an impact-resistant ABS polymer material with flexible PVC limbs. Along with the brass and black colour palette, this results in a sturdy steampunk-style construction that’s befitting its mechanized theme. Spiked Articulated Scorpion Tail The Emperor Scorpion’s tail is composed of several linked joints that allow it to be adjusted in three different stages. To add to its arsenal, its tail also sports brass-toned metal spikes that will deter enemies trying to come near. The Power Arm of the Triangular Pincer The right pincer, evolved from the form of a chela, has transformed into a more lethal triangular giant claw. It is driven by a miniature motor hidden beneath its armour and possesses multiple rotational modes. Product Features Right Pincer A flashing red light on the large triangular right pincer means it is starting up. Steady red light means it’s ready to wreak havoc. Armoured Head A flashing red light on top of the armoured head means enemy detection is in progress. Once the red light stabilizes, the target has been locked. Tail A steady blue light indicates precise target positioning. The tip will flash green while it’s in the process of loading up on neurotoxins and will stop flashing once it’s done. AAA batteries required (Not Supplied)