Revell Dom's 71 Plymouth GTX 2n1

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In the 2017 movie “The Fate of The Furious”, Dominic Toretto is not the only hero in the movie, so is his Plymouth GTX. This is a familiar scenario for the Fast & Furious™ movie series. It has become not only Universal’s number 1 franchise, but also the 6th highest grossing series of all time at over 5 billion in sales. The Plymouth GTX first appeared in 1967 as a model of the Satellite and continued until 1971. In 1971 it had 3 engines choices available including the 440 “Six-Pack” pumping out 385 horsepower. It benefitted from a special camshaft, stronger valves and big-port cylinder heads. Sadly only 3,000 GTXs were made in 1971.

Features: • Choice of 2 different carb set-ups including the “Six-Pack”. • Select between 2 different wheel and tyre combinations. • Stock and lowered suspension. • Molded in white and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tyres. Skill Level: 4 Scale: 1/24 Length: 8.375” Width: 3.250” Height: 2.1875” Parts: 87