Oxford Scania R Series Highline Box Trailer - Stobart

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the Scania New Generation of trucks is the current range manufactured by Scania AB. The cabin interior has a distinctive hump in the middle of the cabin in order to clear the engine. Available as either rigid or articulated tractor units, the range also incorporates a number of engine, cab and gearbox options to suit the application, the particular market and local regulations. There is also a choice of chassis height and suspension. All in all, the New Generation offers various options, all geared to long haulage. Although now part of the Volkswagen Group, Scania – originally founded in 1891 – still has its headquarters in its home country of Sweden. The familiar modern Stobart colour scheme, registered PO18 OKC. The white body comes with a silver trailer roof and features the signature Stobart Group red and green artwork promoting its sustainable distribution ethic. The cabin interior is moulded in black. The distinctive Scania radiator grille still has space for the traditional inclusion of a girl’s name - this time Chloe.