Oxford Land Rover 4Th Armoured Brigade - FC Signals

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Operation Granby or Op. Granby as it is better known was the code name for the British military operation during the 1991 Gulf War. Designated a strategic offensive, action centred around Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel with the objective of forcing Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, restoring not only law and order but also the reinstatement of the Kuwait ruler Emir Jaber III. All three of Great Britain’s armed forces – the British Army, the Royal Navy and the RAF – played their part in defeating the Iraqi military. This 1:76 scale military series Land Rover Forward Control represents one of the vehicles which would have been part of the ground force. Dressed in light stone desert garb, with putty coloured interior seating and with left hand drive, the vehicle is as used by the 4th Armoured Brigade Signals and appears with a hard top. Known as the Black Rats – originally part of the famous Desert Rats, their formation badge – a large black rat, is poised expectantly on the front of the cab. The Land Rover is registered 72 FL 15.