Oxford 1946 DeSoto Suburban - Butterfly Blue / Crystal Gray

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The DeSoto Suburban represents the car first made in the USA, post World War Two, in 1946, modelled on the car manufacturer’s previous long wheelbase DeSoto cars. Also different from its predecessors, it had four doors and could seat eight people, which had great appeal for families and also provided an opportunity for use as a taxi cab. Weighing nearly two tons, the DeSoto was powered by a Chrysler inline 6 cylinder engine, promising a smooth ride for its occupants. Most DeSotos were fitted with a luggage rack at production stage, providing an additional luggage facility. Such was its popularity and unrivalled attraction, it went on being produced until 1954. This 1:87 scale DeSoto appears in dark blue with contrasting upper body, roof and roof rack sides in gray - to quote its US spelling - and a wealth of chrome. The roof rack base is light brown and is storing two suitcases, one silver grey and the other a dark oxblood red. The interior and the steering wheel are silver grey too. This DeSoto is registered TL.5839 in Manitoba 46.