Metal Earth - Iconix - Game Of Thrones - Silence

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Euron Greyjoy left the Iron Islands years ago after the Greyjoy Rebellion was crushed, and became the terror of the worlds oceans, raiding ships from Oldtown to Qarth. Eurons ship was once caught in a storm on the Jade Sea, far east of Qarth, during which Euron lost his mind: the crew had to tie him to the mast so he wouldnt jump overboard. After the storm had passed and they untied him, he personally ripped out the tongues of his entire crew. When nonchalantly recounting this event years later, he glibly explained - I needed silence – hence the new name of his ship, for its crew of mutes.

Number of sheets: 2.5

Difficulty: Challenging

Assembled Size: 12 x 11 x 12.5cm