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LOCKHEED F-35 B LIGHTNING II DESCRIPTION This model kit recreates the F-35 Lightning II variant, F-35B in our legendary 1/48 Aircraft Series. Developed under the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program , the F-35 integrates multiple functions into its design and there are three types: the F-35A conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) aircraft, the F-35B short takeoff, vertical landing (STOVL), and the F-35C carrier takeoff and landing (CV). The F-35B was developed as a successor of the AV- 8B Harrier II. The F-35B is recognized as the aircraft which accomplished both supersonic flight and STOVL by the 3-bearing engine duct nozzle and lift fan, and following the F-35A, the F-35B deployment started in 2015. The first F-35B to see action was an aircraft belonging to the U.S. Marine Corps VMFA-211 -Wake Island Avengers- in Afghanistan, in September 2018. Not only the U.S. and the U.K. but also Italy employs the F-35B. The Japan Air Self-Defense Force also plans to launch a new fighter squadron with the F-35B from 2024 onward. As the F-35B can be operated from both aircraft carriers and airfields featuring short runways, many countries are considering its deployment, and the F-35B looks set to become a significant presence in the skies across the world. 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. The model can be put together in one of the following three ways; Parked, Short takeoff, and Vertical landing. This kit can be assembled with one choice of three ordnance patterns – stealth mode, air-to-air mode, and beast mode. The lift fan depicted with ergonomic parts breakdown is integrated with nose landing gear bay. The inside fan shape is realistically rendered. The variable vane under lift fan can be depicted at different angles. Shorter fuselage weapon bays compared to the F-35A are newly molded and have detailed depictions of cables. Choose parts according to the model type chosen. Rotary engine duct nozzle angles. Open or closed fuselage weapon bay doors, and half-open two inside weapon bay doors to capture vertical landing. Up or down leading-edge, trailing edge flaperons and horizontal stabilizers. Nose landing gear and main landing gear can be chosen between with or without load, according to chosen assembly type. Open or closed canopy. Extended or retracted boarding ladder. The engine nozzle is broken down into five separate pieces for detail. Martin-Baker US16E ejection seat depicted in detail. Includes a stand which can be used when depicting vertical landing. Comes with decals to depict 7 marking options from a total of three countries (United States Marine Corps, Royal Air Force, Italian Air Force / Navy). Includes various kinds of ordnance: AIM-9X Sidewinder x2, AIM-120C AMRAAM x2, GBU-12 Paveway II x4, and GBU-32 JDAM x2 (which can be mounted to shorter weapon bays compared to the F-35A). Masking stickers for the canopy and a pilot figure included.