Star Wars Shatterpoint: Fearless And Inventive

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SWP22 Four iconic heroes join Star Wars: Shatterpoint in this new pack. With the Force as his ally, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker leads this squad of Rebels as a Primary Unit. He is joined by Leia Organa in her Boushh disguise as a Secondary Unit while Lando Calrissian and R2-D2 join forces as a Supporting Unit. Based upon these characters’ daring mission to rescue Han Solo in Return of the Jedi, they form a full Galactic Civil War–era squad that works particularly well with characters with Rebel Alliance tags. This pack includes beautifully sculpted miniatures of these characters based on their appearance in Return of the Jedi, as well as all the Stat, Order, and Stance Cards you need to field these characters in battle.