ROKR Scout Beetle

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MI02 ROKR's new DIY Mechanic Organism 3D puzzle Series is here. The designer combines steampunk elements with real beetles that exist in nature to create a highly mechanical aesthetic battle mech. While restoring the details of the beetle, it also shapes the realistic mechanical transformation body shape. The main body of the MI02 Beetle is made of ABS polymer structure material with good impact resistance, and the appendages are made of soft PVC material to better protect the model. At the same time, the designer also added a large number of metal components to the beetle's membrane fins and abdomen - this not only enhances the texture of the model, but also achieves such functions as membrane fin vibration, power demonstration, etc. Connected to the bottom of the power supply base, a number of models also have vibrating membrane fins, stereo dazzling light effect, full-scene detection light, kinetic gear set, emergency vortex acceleration port, active phased-array radar, Horizontal identification compass, dynamic and static pressure Instrumentation and other functions.