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2627 Peterbilt has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality heavy-duty trucks in the USA since it was founded in 1939. heavy-duty trucks in the USA. All Peterbilts are built with the same commitment to quality, inside and out. quality inside and out. The highly adaptable 359 Conventional, designed for cross-country haulage is available in two different lengths. The 359-13 has a fibreglass bumper and bonnet, which are made of fibreglass, which are made of metal on the 359-19. The Peterbilt 359 "Bull Nose" is a typical typical American truck with a powerful engine and many chrome parts. Due to its concentration on high performance trucks with low maintenance requirements and very high longevity Peterbilt maintains its outstanding position in the USA also thanks to the 359 Conventional. This ultimately means low operating costs, efficient operation and high value retention. Opening bonnet Detailed Cummins diesel engine with twin turbochargers Multi-piece frame Steerable front wheels Opening doors Detailed sleeping cabin Cab with instrument panel and seats Many chromed parts such as grill, bumper, tanks, rims, kick strips, exhaust pipes, etc. Chains and hoses included 10 tyres Authentic decals