Oxford Fowler B6 Crane 8920 - The Great North

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The Fowler B6 Crane as owned by the Horsham Traction Company. Fascinating research tells us that the company is the restored vintage steam arm of the Les Searle Group, one of the largest privately owned earthworks contractors in the South of England. The family have operated from the same premises in Horsham for over a hundred years where they began as agricultural engineers in 1913, their machinery going right back to the era of steam-powered threshing. As a family, they own various restored steam vehicles which they take to local shows as well as London, Dorset and beyond. It is decorated in black with matt black roof and chimney and a dark red roof underside. The crane arm and chassis are also black. The authentic finish to the wheels includes a mottled finish to the outside of the cement coloured surfaces. Red, gold and silver have been applied to the roof edge lettering and the finely detailed line-out on the vehicle components. A final detail includes the number plate SG 4713.